Berman Rabin PA practices in the specialized area of creditors’ rights primarily in Kansas and Missouri. Our primary focus is in the enforcement and recovery of accounts receivable, including all types of debt for credit grantors, debt purchasers, and professional debt recovery agencies.

Additionally, our firm provides experienced representation of creditors’ rights in the field of bankruptcy representation and enforcement of secured claims. With two MAP attorneys on staff and extensive background in FDCPA claims, we also provide Collection Notice Review and agency representation to a growing number of collection agencies.



Creditors’ needs incorporated with our own collection management experience set the standard for procedures developed at Berman Rabin PA. Our procedures incorporate the elements of technology, security and efficiency to result in an effective program of collection management.

Keenly aware of the requirements placed on collection practices by federal and state laws, clients can be assured that the collection and legal procedures developed by Berman Rabin PA are designed not only to ensure the potential recoverability of accounts will be maximized, but also that the treatment provided in the recovery efforts will be in compliance with law. From the initial placement of accounts through the entire recovery process, care and attention are given at every step to ensure professional and effective handling of claims in compliance with regulatory and judicial interpretations.

Utilizing state of the art technology and resources by experienced collection management, accounts are handled efficiently and managed to exceed client work standards and expectations in a secure environment. The procedure for management of each creditor’s claims can be designed to incorporate client specifications, or for creditors’ seeking input and professional recommendations on effectively managing their claims, our experienced collection management team can evaluate and recommend the most effective pre-suit and post-judgment treatments. Recovering your accounts efficiently, timely, and working in compliance with applicable law is our goal.