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We are a unique provider of payment solutions and services.


Licensed and compliant to perform traditional collections in all fifty states and handling all legal operations in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas and Iowa. And when you need legal services outside of these five footprint states?

That's where LegalStream comes in.


As a national legal network with consistent and meaningful attorney involvement, our wholly-owned subsidiary LegalStream allows us to seamlessly manage the full spectrum of nationwide legal services and offer you a true one-stop shop. 

Services are described below. We can meet all of your product needs. Our experience includes all types of revolving and installment loans including Credit Cards, HELOCs, Mortgage, Auto, Commercial Lending, Healthcare, Private Label, Credit Unions, FinTech, and Military Loans, just to name a few.

Legal Network LegalStream

We provide the management of a comprehensive legal network across all 50 states to service all your needs. 


Utilization of successful legal collection strategies to maximize returns prior to litigation.


Through joint collaboration, our extensive waterfall search process, and analytics on performance, we will optimize your net returns.

Contingency Collections

We manage all stages of first and third party accounts, from early-out to primes, seconds, and tertiary campaigns.

Dormant Judgments

This is an opportunity that is often overlooked. With our experience, we can turn dormant judgments into performing assets.


This specialized service offers you consistent results and reporting for one flat fee.


Our high-quality and intuitive reports provide access to view key performance indicators anytime, day or night. 

Small Balance High Volume

We treat your small balance accounts as a large net-back opportunity. 


Whether judicial or non-judicial, we have a foreclosure solution.





Our multi-tiered waterfall process uses a proprietary combination to locate assets.


Medical collections can be very specialized - we look forward to understanding your specific needs.



We have the experience and aptitude to develop numerous customizable solutions to fit your every need.

Contact us to discuss how we can help solve your specific challenges.

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